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Accurate Cash Flow Solutions, Inc. offers a significantly superior and truly unique service.

We are the ONLY medical billing company capable of continuous expansion of services beyond electronic medical claims processing through implementing a strategy for continuous personal contact and attention.

We implement a customized solution for TRUE Practice Management.The quality in a billing company partner will always reflect on the quality of the provider.

Without first-rate products, all of us are left with empty words and shallow optimism, rather than practical, real-world solutions that can make a real difference to you; more money for your Practice.

We offer tools and services that are the best available—tools and services we are proud to support and offer you, our client.

Regardless of the size, volume or specialty of your medical practice, ACFS has the resources and expertise that you need for your medical billing services.

Our company is a national provider of medical practice management services, offering practices across the country a unique, personalized service that makes a substantial difference for your bottom line.

If you’re looking for the professionalism of a large corporation with the dedication and individualized attention of a small business, ACFS is the medical billing company for you.

Just a couple of weeks. This is also dependent upon credentialing. If you are a new practice, this will take longer.

Absolutely not!  We live in the world of technology, which allows us to provide superior support to our remote clients. ACFS is a premier medical billing company with clients nationally.

You certainly may!  We are proud to offer references for you, at any time.